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               FYI /  Your old Toilet: Replace, repair or rebuild ?                        ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  Let me start by saying that when we bought our house there had been some remodeling done prior to the purchase and the lower level toilet was replaced with a new water saver one, a well known and respected name. Not long after we moved in and much frustration later it was replaced with an older type toilet. One with a full tank of water, ending the frustration. I receive calls all the time from customers wanting to know how to fix there new toilet so that they will flush. With less water in the tank many people find that it takes several flushes to get down solid waste and that in many cases causes the customer to use more water than when there old toilet was in use. The problem is once the old full tank type is gone you must buy a water saver type toilet. That is all that is on the market these days.

                    What is a fantum flush? 
  This is when the toilet tank starts running and then stops and no one is in the bathroom.

    In most cases it is a simple fix. It is caused from water leaking out of the tank and lowering the water level, in trun lowering the fluidmaster. When the fluidmaster reached a certain point it allowes water to inter and refill the tank to it's proper level. This type of leak is the worst and can cause your water bill to sore. Replacing the flapper can in most cases solve the problem. In an older tank replacement of the overflow tube assemble may be needed. If this is needed A total rebuild is the most reasonable way to go.

                 Here is where most plumbers get you

   You will be told that you need to replace you toilet. most plumbers don't want to rebuild tanks and talk you into a new water saver, then you call later with complants about the  toilet and want to kow what can be done to fix it. The answer, install a preasure insert tank that sounds like your at the local airport or home center bathroom that when you flush it you can hear it all through the house. DONT REPLACE - REBUILD


    I have for years, recommended to have toilet tanks rebuilt or repaired. In some cases where color, cracks, stains or certain clogs are unrepairable are involved, replacement may be necessary. A rebuild kit cost around 20.00 and an hours work. There is no need to pull the toilet off the floor if it is not leaking. Removing the tank from the base will do the trick.

                     10  Special DO / DON'T note's

   People like to put tank drop in's to help keep there water blue and the toilets clean. Manufactures of toilets and toilet parts warn against this practice because it damages the seals and parts in the tank. and voids the manufactures  guarantee. 


         2.  Also use caution when using bowl hanger items that can clog.
         3.  ALWAYS: flush toilet paper [each time]. If left in water certain brands can swell  and get clogged

          4. NEVER: stand on a toilet seat 

          5. ALWAYS: use solid or braided water inlet lines NEVER plastic

          6. NEVER: store items on a toilet tank lid

      7. Ckeck shut off valves once a year to make sure they turn off. You just might need them in a hurry some day

      8.  Install 1/4 turn shutoffs when replacing old valves.

      9. Check the tank water level periodectly. It should be just below the top of the overfill  tube on water savers. Older types will have a water line mark on the inside of the tank, usualy on the back side

     10. NEVER: lean back on the toilet tank to rest your back. this can loosen the tank and cause leaking over tiime.

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